Speaking on the Colonial Conference, Mr. Churchill has declared that the people of South Africa have the freedom to make whatever laws they wish relating to Kaffirs and Asiatic immigration. That means that the colonies in South Africa have complete powers to regulate Asiatic immigration. All that will remain for the Imperial Government to do is occasionally to take a look at laws relating to Indians now residing in South Africa. But the new Transvaal Ordinance does not relate to immigration. And though it applies to the Indians already living there, the Imperial Government has given its assent to it. It follows from this that the local governments in South Africa will be able to attack the Indian community with impunity. The only weapon with which to ward off the attack is our resolution on gaol-going. As in the saying, "there is no help like self-help, no water like that of rain', everything depends on our own strength and courage. Even by the road that we have taken we shall in the end arrive at the resolution on gaol-going; so far-sighted is the resolution and so obvious are its advantages.
[From Gujarati] -- The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, Volume Six